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Scandinavian Christmas Decor

Scandinavian Christmas Decor: Best ideas!

minimal Christmas decor

Scandinavian Christmas Decor comes down to how happy and comfortable you feel at home! If this concept appeals to you, you should absolutely embrace the Nordic approach to the holiday decorations. 

Many wintery accents, such as pine evergreens and snowy whites, can be seen in Scandinavian décor throughout the colder months.

However, because it’s also about being warm and comfortable, there are many soft fabrics, candlelight, and warm wood tones. You can definitely feel the homey, rustic vibe.

Here are some basic ideas: 

  • Branches with decorations or other objects suspended from them, logs, and organic greenery are examples of natural elements (pine, juniper, eucalyptus)
  • Wood: Authentic wooden objects
  • Cozy materials and textiles: knits, knit blankets, and furry accents
  • Simple and neutral color scheme with lots of white, grey, black, and wood tones.
  • Bright and white furnishings and daylight
  • Black and white, grey and white, wood and white, and green and white – contrasts.

Bedroom Decor

Consider keeping your Scandinavian Christmas bedroom decor simple.

All you need is a little, natural Christmas tree in the corner of your bedroom and a plain white star on the window.

Living Room Decor

scandinavian christmas tree details

The Christmas tree will undoubtedly be the center of attention in the living area. 

Nor do they choose the fullest or most ideal tree, nor do they over-decorate their trees. They favor a real Christmas tree that appears to have been cut down in the backyard! 

To provide some holiday cheer without being an eyesore of vivid hues, it is sparingly adorned.

Scandinavians will light candles and place evergreen wreaths on the walls in the remaining area. To be warm, they can cover an accent chair with a soft blanket.

Coffee Table Decor

scandinavian christmas decor

Create a minimalist centerpiece – white candles would be great –  and a group of black small Christmas tree decorations to add a touch of festivity.

Dining Room Decor

Scandinavian Christmas décor for the dining room is all about incorporating little festive accents into your current decor. 

Typically, Scandinavians do not purchase brand-new tablecloths or cutlery with holiday-themed patterns. They make do with what they have while including white candles and evergreen decorations where appropriate.

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