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How to feng shui your home

How to feng shui your home

What is feng shui?

With a better understanding of feng shui we can bring all the positive energy that wee need into our home. There are many ways to create a great feng shui in your home but first let’s understand what its all about. There are people who dedicate a long time studying this ancient practice and we will just scratch the surface.

Over 3000 years ago began a practice in China which has become popular in the western countries over the years. In its essence, we should respect that every object has energy or chi and so we must consider everything we bring into our homes and how it connects to the universe. People are believed to be more compatible with all that surrounds them, through what is called Feng Shui. The words Feng Shui means “wind” and “water”, representing harmony and balance. Feng Shui allows us to understand how it can affect our personal lives through the display of our homes.

This compatibility with nature is accomplished by the placement of furniture and other objects in the home or office. According the Feng Shui, relationships, wealth, success and health are relative to the arrangement of our belongings. If the energy in our environment is hindered or not flowing correctly it can cause disharmony. This disharmony can be reflected by the use of mirrors and light-colored paints. Feng Shui aims to balance energy in order to attain greater happiness, well-being and productivity. Avoid clutter, as it blocks the free flow of energy. 

Energy – Chi.

The energy that binds life together is called Chi. There are several forces of Chi, such as the Cosmic Chi, Human Chi and Earth Chi. They all try to explain different aspects of life. 

The type of nature that surrounds us is the Earth Chi and it could be mountains, valleys, streams, etc. For example, mountains make us feel more grounded and stable. 

Cosmic Chi helps to explain how the weather affects ours moods and feelings. Its the source of wealth , fortune and good health. 

Our own personal path and energy flow is the Human Chi. Affecting our personality, interaction with others, moods and feelings.


The elements

There are five important elements of life which include Fire, Wood, Water, Metal and Earth.

We can relate each element to colors, shapes, objects and what it can attract. 

The element of Fire uses warm colors like reds and orange. Triangular shapes, changeable. Candles can be used to represent this element and attracts recognition

The Earth element represents stability, squares and rectangles shapes, browns. like pottery to attract romance

Wood is vital, active, columnar shapes, greens, teals. Having plants in your home helps to attract health and financial success.

Water: Clarity and wisdom, cool and dark, black, dark grey., formless. Using mirrors and crystals attracts luck in your career.

When you seeking to attract creativity, Metal is the element you are looking for for. Use shiny surfaces, circles and sphere objects.  righteous and correct, circles and spheres, white, pale grey. Shiny surfaces to attract creativity

Balance between Yin and Yang

It is important to consider the balance between the Yin and the Yang – The opposites. When it comes to your home its the balance between the energising room and relaxing. Incorporate the five elements in to your home. fire, wood, metal, water and earth.When regarding artwork any image you put up in your bedroom should be inspiring, energising or relaxing. Best place to place it opposite your bed to see it first thing when you wake up and last thing when you go to bed, and remember that mirrors bounce energy around the room, so use them wisely. 

The destructive cycle is used to weaken a particular element. For instances, if your water element is too strong and you cannot remove that particular decor item then you should weaken that Water element. In order to do so you should use the Earth element to weaken the excess Water energy. 

It’s called a cycle because it ends and begins with the water element. So Water weakens Fire weakens Metal weakens Wood weakens Earth weakens Water.

There is so much more to Feng Shui than what you have read. But this a great way to begin to understand what this is all about and start applying to your home. 


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