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Minimalist Christmas Tree

3 Minimalist Christmas Trees Ideas To each person, a minimalist Christmas tree may have a distinct meaning.  The tree could be smaller than the typical Christmas tree or quite tall and thin. The tree’s decorations could be quite basic or all done in one color. A minimalist Christmas tree is also defined differently by each person, but for the purposes of this piece, I have found 5 very distinctive minimalist Christmas trees. Christmas decorations don’t always have to appear tacky […]

Scandinavian Christmas Decor

Scandinavian Christmas Decor: Best ideas! Scandinavian Christmas Decor comes down to how happy and comfortable you feel at home! If this concept appeals to you, you should absolutely embrace the Nordic approach to the holiday decorations.  Many wintery accents, such as pine evergreens and snowy whites, can be seen in Scandinavian décor throughout the colder months. However, because it’s also about being warm and comfortable, there are many soft fabrics, candlelight, and warm wood tones. You can definitely feel the […]