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Scandinavian Design

How to live Scandinavian

Seems like we’ve all heard about the Scandinavian Interior Design, but what is it all about?

Emerging in the 1950’s, the elegant Scandinavian décor is popular for it’s simplicity and minimalist flair. The colors are left neutral giving the space a clean and calming look, but still managing to feel cozy. Details aren’t excessive, but form and function are very important. The furniture is modern, with clean lines, smooth around the edges and natural hues. The historic buildings are contrasted with the modern furniture.

The lighting

In northern Europe the winters are long and dark which makes the lighting so important. Natural light is maximized and really appreciated, so windows are usually bare of covering and if not, the fabrics are light like linen or sheer. Candles and small lamps create the well known hygge mood. 

When using lamps the popular trend is to use a metallic finish, which adds shine to the room.

The color

The walls are often left painted white to keep the interiors bright and uniform. If there is a shade of white called “Scandinavian white”, “Ringsted white” or “Vesterbro white”, go for that. 

Warm wood tones, colors like off white, sepia and gray tones make the room feel sunny and bright without using any strong colors.

Greenery and fresh colorful flowers are well liked and welcome in Scandinavian homes. The rooms are filled with life and the elegant ceramic vases give the final touch.

Succulents are another popular choice. Walls are kept white for the pieces of art to stand out.

The flooring is light and the wood is often its natural color or also painted white. Pillows and rugs have geometric patterns and sheepskins leave a soft and welcoming touch.

In the old days, the houses were small and had little space for excess. That concept lasted throughout the years, as the houses got bigger and the clutter and mess got smaller.

So if you like the elegance of the Scandinavian design, take some of these ideas and apply them to your home. If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to comment or send us an e-mail!

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