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What’s Wabi Sabi?

What is Wabi Sabi? Here is everything you need to know about Wabi Sabi. This ancient Japanese philosophy, Wabi Sabi, appreciates and accepts imperfection. We should accept that life itself is constantly changing, and if we embrace this way of life we will also appreciate the beauty and gratitude that comes with it. The seven main principles in achieving Wabi Sabi: – Shizen         —  naturalness without pretension– Yugen          —  subtle grace– Datsuzoku   —  […]

Minimalist Home Decor

Minimalist Home Decor Here are a few tips on how to get the minimalist home decor look Minimalist home decor can give you a very sophisticated, uncluttered and stylish feel to your space. Make your home shine, without changing too much around – just add, subtract and make little adjustments to enhance the overall appeal of a particular space. Minimalism goes beyond “less is more”. Organization and lack of clutter are the first steps to having a minimalist home decor […]

Wall Art Trends 2022

Wall Art Trends 2022 Design professionals share their thoughts on Wall Art Trends 2022 The pandemic has given us a new way of appreciating our lives and homes, even the smallest details will catch our attention. More people are using their homes for work and entertainment and the need to give it your own personality is growing. Decorating can be fun! and with the wall art trends for 2022, there are so many different options to choose from. Art is […]

Kitchen trends 2022

Kitchen trends 2022 Update your kitchen with a few tips and tricks on our kitchen trends 2022 After we have all spent the last two years in lock down, the kitchen has gained a whole new meaning to many of us. This new appreciation has made it more important to keep up with the trends and not let your kitchen fall behind the times. So, here are a few tips on kitchen trends 2022. Kitchen Cabinet colors Some say the […]

Small bedroom ideas

Small bedroom ideas for maximizing space Here are some creative ideas to have more space and style in your small bedroom Bedroom storage ideas and thinking vertically are the best ways to start maximizing your small bedroom space. To create a stylish and functional bedroom with limited space, the first things to take into consideration when designing a bedroom are the location of the windows, door frame and fireplace (if applicable). Simplicity is key Avoid cluttering your bedroom and keeping […]

Windowsill for plants

How to maximize windowsill space for your plants Are you longing for a garden but don’t have much space? Here are a few tips on how to maximize your windowsill space for your plants!   Bringing the outdoors inside Plants are a great way to decorate any space in a stylish and elegant way, and the windowsill is actually a wonderful place for your plants! It’s important to know your plants though, and understand if they will thrive on a sill. […]

How to feng shui your home

How to feng shui your home What is feng shui? With a better understanding of feng shui we can bring all the positive energy that wee need into our home. There are many ways to create a great feng shui in your home but first let’s understand what its all about. There are people who dedicate a long time studying this ancient practice and we will just scratch the surface. Over 3000 years ago began a practice in China which […]

Scandinavian Design

How to live Scandinavian Seems like we’ve all heard about the Scandinavian Interior Design, but what is it all about? Emerging in the 1950’s, the elegant Scandinavian décor is popular for it’s simplicity and minimalist flair. The colors are left neutral giving the space a clean and calming look, but still managing to feel cozy. Details aren’t excessive, but form and function are very important. The furniture is modern, with clean lines, smooth around the edges and natural hues. The historic […]

The design files

We share some interior design tips and tricks on how to improve your home decor. Explore these ideas for your home to complement your style. If you have some tips of your own, do share and leave a comment!