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Windowsill for plants

How to maximize windowsill space for your plants

Are you longing for a garden but don’t have much space? Here are a few tips on how to maximize your windowsill space for your plants!

Windowsill for plants
House plants that thrive on kitchen windowsill


Bringing the outdoors inside

Plants are a great way to decorate any space in a stylish and elegant way, and the windowsill is actually a wonderful place for your plants! It’s important to know your plants though, and understand if they will thrive on a sill. Windowsills can sometimes be colder than other areas of your home especially if your windows frames are not properly sealed leaving your plants sitting in a slight draft. Even though your plants may not react too much in the summer and warmer days, winter might not be the best time for them to be on your sill. Direct sunlight might also cause sun-stressed leaves (faded, yellow, red, or brown spots can mean they’re getting too much sunlight). On the other hand, if your window doesn’t get enough sun, your plants might look a bit leggy. Where your window is facing also plays a big role in what plants to keep there. A north facing window has less light especially in winter, and a south facing window might have too strong sunlight for most of your plants. So knowing the characteristics of your plants is vital in choosing the perfect windowsill for your plants.

Add color with flowering houseplants

We often think of greenery when we talk about houseplants. But there are so many beautiful and colorful flowering options too that can embellish and thrive in your window. When choosing flowering houseplants, make sure that it is a plant that enjoys being in the sun, and how often it will flower for you.


Create shelving for your plants


Windowsill for plants
How to create shelving for small areas


Small shelves are a great way to organize and maximize a small and often narrow space.  Depending on the size of your pots there are many different types of shelves that you can choose from. There are different kinds of shelves that fit perfectly onto a windowsill, some can also save space by holding lots of smaller pots. The smaller the pot, the more plants you can have!

Hanging baskets

The sheer beauty of cascading leaves in a window is hard to resist. Hanging baskets are an elegant way to display your plants in smaller spaces, bringing color and life to areas of a room that would otherwise be bare. Hanging a basket from the ceiling or from the windowsill frame allows the plant to get direct sunlight, casting beautiful shadows from the sun rays on your walls.  When choosing the plant and hanging basket  don’t forget to consider the weight of your pot and how secure the place is where you are going to hang it.


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