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Scandinavian Christmas Decor

Scandinavian Christmas Decor: Best ideas! Scandinavian Christmas Decor comes down to how happy and comfortable you feel at home! If this concept appeals to you, you should absolutely embrace the Nordic approach to the holiday decorations.  Many wintery accents, such as pine evergreens and snowy whites, can be seen in Scandinavian décor throughout the colder months. However, because it’s also about being warm and comfortable, there are many soft fabrics, candlelight, and warm wood tones. You can definitely feel the […]

What is Japandi Style

What is Japandi Style?  Although you might not assume that Scandinavia and Japan have many design characteristics, they actually have a lot more in common than you might realize. It’s not surprising that designers are fusing the two styles and calling it “Japandi” given how much emphasis both aesthetics place on comfort, natural features, and simplicity (aka Japanese and Scandi). Expect to see Japandi this year on your Instagram feeds, despite being a relatively new fad. What Are the Japandi […]