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Kitchen trends 2022

Kitchen trends 2022

Update your kitchen with a few tips and tricks on our kitchen trends 2022

After we have all spent the last two years in lock down, the kitchen has gained a whole new meaning to many of us. This new appreciation has made it more important to keep up with the trends and not let your kitchen fall behind the times. So, here are a few tips on kitchen trends 2022.

Kitchen Cabinet colors

Some say the all white kitchen might have become outdated, but the classic white cabinet will still be the number one cabinet color for kitchens in 2022. Neutral tones paired with strong colors in the kitchen have been rumbling around for some time. Green has definitely increased in popularity and soft pastel shades echo the desire to be close to nature and to keep things natural.

Kitchen wall art

Kitchen walls are often overlooked. Wall art is the easiest and fastest way to freshen up your kitchen! When coming up with ideas for wall designs don’t be afraid to show your personality. Adding some kitchen posters of colorful vegetables and fruit, can really spice up any wall! Or going the other way and adding some calming pastel beach posters for a more neutral kitchen.

wall art of an aerial photograph of a pink beach sand for the kitchen trends 2022
wall art of an aerial photograph of a pink beach sand for the kitchen


White or cream are wonderful color tones of marble and match perfectly with metallic finishes. Marble gives your kitchen a touch of luxury and quality. Heavily veined marble is making a big comeback and its durability and ability to withstand passing trends makes it a good investment.

Wooden kitchens

A wooden kitchen has been a classic option for a while now. Natural materials, earthy tones and colors are becoming more and more popular. Materials made out of wood with a tactile and organic structure can be used for kitchen cabinets, accessories and are that touch of nature for 2022.

Pay attention to details!

Bold colors and flashy materials can transform your kitchen, but it’s in the little details that have the power to make it feel even more special.

Give your kitchen a bespoke vibe by incorporating metallics. You can add some kind of metallic adornment to your kitchen cabinets and drawers giving them a little bit more of your personality. Delicate pieces like gold, and brass knobs can help bring the whole kitchen to life.


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