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Small bedroom ideas

Small bedroom ideas for maximizing space

Here are some creative ideas to have more space and style in your small bedroom

Bedroom storage ideas and thinking vertically are the best ways to start maximizing your small bedroom space. To create a stylish and functional bedroom with limited space, the first things to take into consideration when designing a bedroom are the location of the windows, door frame and fireplace (if applicable).

Simplicity is key

Avoid cluttering your bedroom and keeping furniture to a minimum is a good idea when designing a room with limited space. A bed can be made a focal point, and can compliment your room when buying the right size.

Position of your bed

Small bedrooms can have a lot of personality and make a statement when making the bed the focal point. This large piece of furniture will have a big impact on the interior design of your room and the usage of the space.

In small bedrooms the positioning of your bed is an important decision, and can be a great way to distract the eye from the limited space.

Bed orientation is dictated by the size of the room. Putting the bed in the center (is the most functional option) of a main wall without blocking any window is the best option, as well as keeping symmetry in mind.

The bed can also be placed in front of a window if your space is extremely limited, however this should be your last option as windows can also be a beautiful focal point. The space under the bed is a good storage option, but keeping your bedroom clutter free is the way to go.

Lights ideas for small bedrooms

When choosing the lighting be wary of the space it can take up. Table lamps are a popular choice for bedside tables, however they are not the most functional option for small bedrooms. Wall lights create a great alternative. You will maximize the surface available for the more personal objects that we like to keep close to our beds.


Fitted cabinetry works better than bulky freestanding furniture in small bedrooms. Shelving underneath bunk beds and recessed into walls are a great example of how to maximize space. Therefore giving you a clutter free bedroom!
Small bedroom ideas
Maximize space with recessed shelving

Get more ideas for maximizing space on your windowsill for your plants!

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