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Wall Art Trends 2022

Wall Art Trends 2022

Design professionals share their thoughts on Wall Art Trends 2022

The pandemic has given us a new way of appreciating our lives and homes, even the smallest details will catch our attention. More people are using their homes for work and entertainment and the need to give it your own personality is growing. Decorating can be fun! and with the wall art trends for 2022, there are so many different options to choose from.

Art is a big component of interior design, which can reflect your personality, make big statements and affect your home’s design aesthetic. That’s why sometimes it’s a bit hard to find the perfect piece. Don’t forget that your wall art should coordinate with the rest of your home and style. However, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t trends when it comes to artwork and like everything else they come and go.

750 design professionals shared their thoughts in  Interior Design Trends Survey  regarding which art trends you should look forward to in 2022. Contemporary and modern abstract art are definitely the most popular styles this year. There will be more sculpture to decorate with, but photographs, paintings and prints will remain as popular as before.

Fall in love with your art

When decorating your home choosing art can be tricky. Don’t choose a piece just because it’s popular or trending. It’s very important to pick artwork that you actually love and that reflects you and your home. There’s such a wide range of art that you can choose from, so be sure to go for something both trendy and aesthetically pleasing for yourself, and it’s never a bad idea to add more art to your home.

The display

For obvious reasons, place your wall art at eye level. On the other hand, sculptures need space to shine! So don’t let them look over crowded. You can’t go wrong when you choose something that speaks to you. Always try to set your creativity free when choosing where to place it.

If you’re not sure where to begin to look for your artwork, the expert designers referred to in the survey mentioned above, find their pieces of art online, then art galleries and Instagram.

Neutral abstracts

When we think of abstract artwork, usually we think big bold colors and shapes. But not every abstract piece of art is like that. There’re a lot of elegant and minimal styles that use gentle and neutral colors. As well as simple shapes and graphics, that can give your space a sophisticated and clean look.


First thing to consider is the available space. Whether you have a big or small apartment you can always fit artwork in somewhere, however you should take into account its size. Try not to overwhelm a small space with big pieces. When you have vast open spaces, freestanding sculptures make a big statement. When the space is a bit limited, then sculptures can be placed on shelves and tables throughout your home.

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