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Kitchen trends 2022

Kitchen trends 2022 Update your kitchen with a few tips and tricks on our kitchen trends 2022 After we have all spent the last two years in lock down, the kitchen has gained a whole new meaning to many of us. This new appreciation has made it more important to keep up with the trends and not let your kitchen fall behind the times. So, here are a few tips on kitchen trends 2022. Kitchen Cabinet colors Some say the […]

Windowsill for plants

How to maximize windowsill space for your plants Are you longing for a garden but don’t have much space? Here are a few tips on how to maximize your windowsill space for your plants!   Bringing the outdoors inside Plants are a great way to decorate any space in a stylish and elegant way, and the windowsill is actually a wonderful place for your plants! It’s important to know your plants though, and understand if they will thrive on a sill. […]