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Artisan Decor Style

Artisan Decor Style Artisan decor style typically refers to decor that is handcrafted and unique, often with a rustic or traditional aesthetic. It often incorporates natural materials, such as wood and stone, and may feature intricate details and patterns. This style of decor is meant to celebrate the skill and creativity of the artisan who made it, and adds a personal touch to any space. It is often associated with a cozy, warm, and welcoming atmosphere. Examples of Artisan Decor […]

Popular kitchen paint colors with white cabinets

Popular Kitchen Paint Colors with White Cabinets White cabinets are a classic choice for a kitchen and can be paired with a variety of colors. Some popular kitchen paint colors that go well with white cabinets are: Soft blue Light green Pale pink Light grey Beige These colors can add a touch of color to the space without overwhelming the overall design. Additionally, using light and neutral colors can help to make a kitchen feel larger and more open. You […]

What’s Wabi Sabi?

What is Wabi Sabi? Here is everything you need to know about Wabi Sabi. This ancient Japanese philosophy, Wabi Sabi, appreciates and accepts imperfection. We should accept that life itself is constantly changing, and if we embrace this way of life we will also appreciate the beauty and gratitude that comes with it. The seven main principles in achieving Wabi Sabi: – Shizen         —  naturalness without pretension– Yugen          —  subtle grace– Datsuzoku   —  […]

Minimalist Home Decor

Minimalist Home Decor Here are a few tips on how to get the minimalist home decor look Minimalist home decor can give you a very sophisticated, uncluttered and stylish feel to your space. Make your home shine, without changing too much around – just add, subtract and make little adjustments to enhance the overall appeal of a particular space. Minimalism goes beyond “less is more”. Organization and lack of clutter are the first steps to having a minimalist home decor […]

Wall Art Trends 2022

Wall Art Trends 2022 Design professionals share their thoughts on Wall Art Trends 2022 The pandemic has given us a new way of appreciating our lives and homes, even the smallest details will catch our attention. More people are using their homes for work and entertainment and the need to give it your own personality is growing. Decorating can be fun! and with the wall art trends for 2022, there are so many different options to choose from. Art is […]

How to feng shui your home

How to feng shui your home What is feng shui? With a better understanding of feng shui we can bring all the positive energy that wee need into our home. There are many ways to create a great feng shui in your home but first let’s understand what its all about. There are people who dedicate a long time studying this ancient practice and we will just scratch the surface. Over 3000 years ago began a practice in China which […]